Valedictorian Graduation Speech
21 May 2014 - Who Gives the Valedictorian Graduation Speech? A valedictorian is the student who holds the highest ranking academically, in among all the graduating students. Being the valedictorian of the class entitles that student to give the valedictorian graduation speech during the commencement ceremony. The valedictorian graduation speech is a chance for the valedictorian to address his parents, his teachers and his classmates and convey his gratitude and also impart a few of his thoughts and to say farewell. Being given the honor to give the valedictorian graduation speech is coveted by a lot of people, but only one gets to deliver it. When a student is named the valedictorian, there are certain things expected of him. Giving the valedictorian graduation speech is just one of them. Everyone, including his teachers and parents expect him to do great things someday, and the speech he will give in the graduation ceremony will be the first of those. There are some components of a valedictorian graduation speech that the speaker should address. First is to thank everyone, most especially ... continue

Graduation Speech Ideas
8 June 2014 - Where to Find Graduation Speech Ideas Trying to come up with good graduation speech ideas for your graduation can be a daunting task. Sometimes it seems like all good ideas have already been said in past graduation speeches. But there are ways to make a speech unique. The speaker just has to know where to find the right graduation speech ideas. First of all it’s best to remember that the speaker will be addressing his classmates. So the best place to look for graduation speech ideas is to start inside the classroom. The speaker should take his inspiration from all his classmates. This means he needs to look at not only his friends, but at his competitors and even people he dislikes as well. It doesn’t matter how diverse the group of students are in a class, there is always a common ground between them. It could be as simple as their love for their sports team, or similar experiences both good and bad, or even sharing the same goal which is to succeed in life. The speech should involve, inspire and connect all of them. Another great way to find graduation speech ideas is ... continue

Graduation Speech
28 May 2014 - Graduation Speech: please give a description What is A Graduation Speech? There are different kinds of graduations being held in the schools around the world. First you have the kindergarten graduation, then the elementary graduation, middle school graduation, high school graduation and finally college graduation. Each of these marks the end of a milestone in a young student’s life, and also the beginning of another. And at the heart of these ceremonies is the graduation speech. A graduation speech or a commencement speech is a speech given by a student (sometimes an alumnus) that is directed mainly to the graduating students. A graduation speech commonly contains words of congratulations for a job well done, as well as words of advice for the graduates’ future endeavors as they move to a different phase in their lives. If a student is given the honor of the graduation speech, he is usually someone who has excelled among his classmates. Having a student deliver the graduation speech is a great idea because he has a better understanding of who the graduates are. The spe... read

How To Write A Graduation Speech
27 May 2014 - What are the Main Rules on How to Write a Graduation Speech Not knowing how to write a graduation speech, is a common dilemma for students who are chosen to give the graduation speech. Giving a speech in front of the whole school with teachers, parents and friends watching over could be very scary. That’s why writing a perfect speech is of utmost importance. There are a few main rules to follow on how to write a graduation speech to help the students out when trying to come up with their speeches. Knowing these few simple rules can guide students how to write a graduation speech that would hopefully bring the house down at the end of it. The first rule on how to write a graduation speech is to make it short and simple. Sometimes students want to say and discuss a lot of things, and they try to add everything in their speech. But the speaker must remember that graduation speeches are just a part of a long commencement ceremony. Any part of the program that takes too long, including the graduation speech would make people restless. The speech should be engaging but direct to... more

Kindergarten Graduation Speech
24 June 2014 - The kindergarten graduation speech is usually delivered by a parent or a teacher or sometimes even by a student. Not all schools conduct a kindergarten graduation ceremony. But to those that do have this event, having a kindergarten graduation speech is a common thing. This is a chance for parents to dote on their kids and a chance for teachers to say how proud they are of their young students. For students who will give the kindergarten graduation speech, their speeches are usually short and of course checked by teachers and their parents. The speech is sometimes read but most of the time, the kids memorize them. That’s why poems are becoming popular as a kindergarten graduation speech. Poems are also great because several students can give the kindergarten graduation speech together. They can memorize just one stanza each, making it easier as some very young children have difficulty memorizing things. On the other hand, there is nothing more daunting for an adult than to deliver a kindergarten graduation speech. Having to speak not only in front of people, but in front of f... continue

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Graduation Speech
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Graduation Speech Ideas
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