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Graduation Speech

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Graduation Speech: please give a description

What is A Graduation Speech?
There are different kinds of graduations being held in the schools around the world. First you have the kindergarten graduation, then the elementary graduation, middle school graduation, high school graduation and finally college graduation. Each of these marks the end of a milestone in a young student’s life, and also the beginning of another. And at the heart of these ceremonies is the graduation speech.

A graduation speech or a commencement speech is a speech given by a student (sometimes an alumnus) that is directed mainly to the graduating students. A graduation speech commonly contains words of congratulations for a job well done, as well as words of advice for the graduates’ future endeavors as they move to a different phase in their lives.

If a student is given the honor of the graduation speech, he is usually someone who has excelled among his classmates. Having a student deliver the graduation speech is a great idea because he has a better understanding of who the graduates are. The speech that he gives would be on behalf of the whole graduating class.
A graduation speech should have three parts. The first part of the graduation speech is the introduction. In the introduction, the speaker acknowledges the presence of everyone starting from the graduates, special guests, teachers, parents, families and friends. It’s best not to leave anyone out in the introduction.
This is a very critical part in the success of any speech because this is where the speaker either grabs the audience’s attention, or he loses it. After the formalities of the acknowledgement, it’s best to keep the introduction light and engaging.
The next part of the graduation speech is the body of the speech. This is the part where the speaker tries to get his point across to the audience. Most speeches have a centralized positive idea that the speaker tries to impart to his listeners. Examples of the positive ideas would be to urge the graduates to dream big and work hard for it or ask the graduates to hold fast to the lessons and values that they have learned in school.

And finally the last part of the graduation speech is the conclusion. This is the most important part of the graduation speech. How the speaker ends his speech will define the success of his entire delivery. It is always best to end the speech on an optimistic and encouraging note.
The conclusion is where the speaker rallies the audience and makes them not only understand, but actually believe in what he is saying. This should be the highest point of the speech that would hopefully pull the audience to their feet when the speaker is done.

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n.b. For graduation speech templates and sample letters see

If you are afraid of panic attacks during your graduation speech then click here.

n.b. For graduation speech templates and sample letters see

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